Q.What Are Cocoa Butter Substitutes?

Though many people swear by cocoa butter as one of the most useful cosmetics out there, there are some who might be interested in getting a substitute instead. The reasons for this are many. These include the fact that in some places, it is hard to come by natural cocoa butter. In such cases, one could opt to buy the product online. However, even if this solution is not tenable, you could also choose to invest in a substitute that has more or less the same properties as cocoa butter.

What Are Cocoa Butter Substitutes?

Cocoa butter is a source of fat for chocolate thus providing texture, sheen, and snap to the product. Cocoa butter substitutes include palm oil, shea butter, and kokum butter among others. Substitutes are chosen because of the expensive price that comes with purchasing cocoa butter.

One of the substitutes you can use for cocoa butter is palm oil. This has some of the qualities of real cocoa butter, including the ease with which it moisturizes the skin. It can also be used to soften hair as well. Palm oil is well known to alleviate very dry skin, which usually leads to itching and eventual introduction of bacteria into the skin which will lead to an infection known as cellulitis.

The other substitute you can use is coconut oil. This has been used as a lotion for centuries in many parts of the world, particularly in the warm coastal regions. The fact that the oil is cheap and easy to find means that it is accessible to many people who might not access cocoa butter for whatever reason.

In summary, there are a variety of products that you can use as cocoa substitutes, though some of them might not have the exact effects as cocoa butter. The key thing is to ensure that you buy a high quality substitute from a store that has a good reputation.