Q.Can Sheer Butter Be Used On Hair?

Yes, shea butter can be used on your hair. It is one of the few natural hair remedies that dermatologists and beauty experts often recommend. It is easy to understand why. Shea butter, in its natural, unrefined form comes along with a wide range nutrients that are good for your hair.

Can Sheer Butter Be Used On Hair?

Yes, you can! People living in a Sub-Saharan climate have been using shea butter to protect their hair and skin for many years. If you are looking to relieve scalp problems such as dandruff, you can use this type of butter as a massage oil for the scalp. It’s effective and doesn’t leave behind a greasy mess.

It is rich in vitamins A, F and E which can naturally protect your body from free radicals. This is advantageous in two ways. First off, free radicals can accelerate wrinkling so shea butter comes in to slow down the wrinkling process. It simply makes your skin glow and looks smoother and younger. For your hair, it prevents hair loss and hair splits as well as a myriad of other hair related complications.

There is also the fact that shea butter can coat your hair shaft and protect it from damage caused by harsh hair products, straighteners and blow dryers. If you are a swimmer it can protect your hair from chlorine and salt found in swimming pools. You won’t have to worry about scalp related complications or having your hair split every time you come off the swimming pool.it gets even better with the fact that shea butter can accelerate healing when it comes to scalp inflammations.

Lastly, shea butter can also be used as a natural hair protectant and sunscreen. In short, shea butter can protect your hair and skin from strong and potentially harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. With that in mind, have your shea butter every summer.