Q.Can Shea Butter Be Frozen?

In the world of cosmetics, Shea butter is one of the most well-known natural body butters. The butter has an excellent scent, and also gives a luxurious feeling to any product that it is added to. These include soaps and body creams. It is also extremely versatile since it can be used for hair care, massaging and many other applications.

Can Shea Butter Be Frozen?

Shea butter can be frozen. In many cases, this is done after mixing the butter with other ingredients. If you want to firm the products you have just made, you should not immediately place it in a freezer. Make sure you transfer your butters into cool containers and use the refrigerator. Once the shea butter turns back into a smooth fat again, you can freeze it without harming it.

If you happen to have 100% Shea butter for your cosmetic use, chances are that you will be looking for ways to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. Simple things such as making sure that the container the butter is in is correctly closed once you are done using it. You should also make it a habit to prevent water from contaminating the Shea butter since this might lead to the growth of mold. Using high quality Shea butter also helps.

A large number of people consider freezing as a way of keeping the Shea butter from becoming rancid. This is an easy process; you only need to place the Shea butter in a container and then put it in the freezer. You should make efforts to ensure that any thawing ice does not enter the cream, thus contaminating it.

In summary, it is true that you can use freezing as a method of keeping Shea butter fresh. However, you should also remember that other things such as sealing the container properly and making sure that the product you buy is of high quality also help, and you should insist on this.