Q.Can Shea Butter Be Eaten?

Yes, shea butter can be eaten. It is in fact, used in food preparation in African and some parts of Asia. Shea butter is also used in in the chocolate industry as an alternative for cocoa butter. The taste is noticeably different as it has to be mixed with other oils.

Can Shea Butter Be Eaten?

It is safe to consume provided that it is 100% raw and unrefined. Make sure your Shea butter product is at least grade A and comes from a reputable source. In Ghana and other African countries, Shea butter is commonly used in food preparation.

Experts recommend consumption of pure, unrefined shea butter. So take time to know the quality of your shea butter before consuming it. Only grade A shea butter is ideal for consumption as it does not go rancid. If however your shea goes rancid, avoid eating it. Then take a second look at the quality as already explained. Shea butter that goes rancid quickly simply means that there was something wrong during the manufacturing process. You might also want to take a look at the expiration date of your shea butter before using it in any way.

Whether eaten or applied on your skin or hair, shea butter always comes along with several perks. It is good for your hair as it prevents hair splits. It can also protect your scalp from harmful ultra violet rays from the sun as well as harsh salts in the swimming pool. You can also use it as a lip balm and to get rid of scars and stretch marks. All these benefits boil down to Vitamins A and E as well as healthy fatty acids found in shea butter. Then finally, you can use shea butter as a quick home remedy for nasal congestion.