Q.Can Natural Oils Cause Acne?

All that glitters is not gold. Similarly, not all natural products are good for your skin. Natural oils are much better than synthetic oils for your skin, but not all natural oils are good for all skin types.

Can Natural Oils Cause Acne?

Some individuals may experience negative reactions such as an acne breakout if they apply an unsuitable natural oil product on their skins. You must not misunderstand that “natural” automatically equals “gentle.” Different natural oils have different concentration levels and potencies.

Acne can be caused by natural oils, which are comedogenic and contain ingredients which clog your skin pores. If your skin is prone to whiteheads, break-outs, or even blackheads, then it is most prudent not to use comedogenic oils. If you use any oil on your skin, even for treating acne, it is advisable to make certain that the products do not contain comedogenic oils or any other acne causing components.

Though some natural oils may be very helpful for oily skins, due to their unique quality of possessing fatty acids, others may be more prone to blocking pores and causing acne. That is the reason why natural oils, which are not naturally high in linoleic acid, are not conducive to those with oily skin as they tend to clog pores.

Unfractionated coconut oil or coconut oil containing fatty acids is heavier than fractionated oil and this makes it unhealthy to be used with oily skin. Natural oils with even slightly less linoleic than oleic and oils with fatty acids may be harmful to your face and may even cause acne. The normal belief is that because oily skins are low in linoleic acids, natural oils with more oleic fatty acid are prone to causing acne.