Q.Can Mango Butter Be Used On The Face?

Yes, you can use mango butter on your face. Just like shea or cocoa butter, mango butter comes along with several nutrients that can be beneficial for your face and overall health. It hydrates easily and leaves the skin nourished.

Can Mango Butter Be Used On The Face?

Mango butter is safe to use on one’s face. It can help clear up blemishes as it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Before applying it on your face, you should wash your face with a mild cleanser first to remove dirt. After applying a thin coat of mango butter, avoid touching your face, especially when you are going to bed.

To better understand how and why mango butter is ideal for your skin, you have to first look at the source of the butter. It is extracted from by a high tech process from the shelled fruit kennel of a mango tree. The butter is emollient a factor that makes it one of the most reliable and effective natural remedies for skin conditions.

Mango butter has protective properties against ultraviolet rays. It can help your skin withstand radiation and in the process, prevent wrinkling and premature aging. You can also benefit from mango butter if you have frostbite. The butter simply expedites healing.

Other benefits that come along with mango butter include healing properties that can cure eczema, poison ivy, sunburn and insect bites. In its pure form, mango butter does not have an unpleasant smell. It shares almost the same properties with shea butter as far as fragrance is concerned. That is in fact why it is ideal for making lip balms, lipsticks and other beauty products. It should however be noted that when it comes to mango butter, experts recommend that it should be used in its pure form. You should also exfoliate your skin well before using mango butter on it. Then avoid mango butter or use it with your physician’s recommendation if you have any serious underlying skin conditions.