Q.Can Mango Butter Go Bad?

Yes, mango butter can go bad. On the flipside, mango butter has a relatively longer shelf life. It can last for at least one year or even longer. You should however note that just like other oils, mango butter’s shelf life mostly depends on how you store it.

Can Mango Butter Go Bad?

The product can go bad if stored in poor conditions. You need to store your mango butter products in a dry and cool place, and away from direct sunlight. If your mango butter has a high percentage of FFA (free fatty acids), it may start to look and smell rancid.

Impurities can easily shorten the shelf life of your mango butter. So store it in its pure form all the time. Water is a good example of an impurity that can shorten your mango butter’s shelf life. To prolong its lifespan, store it in a cool place. Your choice of storage should also be away from direct sunlight.

Then remember that mango butter is hard. It will disperse easily on your skin once it comes in contact with it. Have it liquefied and warmed before using it. You may have to mix it with other cosmetic formulations mainly because mango butter does not fall under the category of oils that can be used alone. While doing this, scoop only the amount you can use for the day. That way, you can prevent waste.

Lastly, be keen on the smell of your mango butter. It can become rancid easily when stored under undesirable conditions. You will then notice an unpleasant smell. Avoid using it as soon as you notice it has a strange place. It may be harmless even with its strange smell. For people with sensitive skin however, the results may be undesirable. To enjoy mango butter, store it well and use it as recommended.