Q.Can Cocoa Butter Help Acne?

Cocoa butter can help you deal with the aftermath from acne, especially when it comes to clearing acne scars. However, it cannot clear acne. Its moisturizing properties make it one of the most effective natural remedies for not just acne but other skin conditions as well. It is also important to note that cocoa butter works well on just about any skin type.

Can Cocoa Butter Help Acne?

Cocoa butter cannot diminish acne scars but can help restore softer and smoother skin, which previously had flaky and dry acne scars. You should look for 100% natural and pure formulas to achieve the best possible results. Cocoa butter can help keep your facial skin moist.

Regular use of cocoa butter is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. It can clear stubborn acne scars and stretch marks by moisturizing and realigning collagen fibers. There is a scientific explanation supporting how cocoa butter works. First off, it is an emollient. That means that it is rich in healthy ingredients like Vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids.

To get the most out of cocoa butter when treating acne, scrub it on a skin mildly with a soft wash cloth. This will exfoliate dead skin cells and allow cocoa butter to work on your pores. Then clean your skin with a mild, non-scented soap and rinse it well with running water. Use natural cocoa butter that is not highly refined.

Commercial products often contain harsh chemicals in the name of preservatives which can do more harm than good on your skin. Once your face is clean, apply cocoa butter evenly. It will help your skin grow by retaining moisture. It will also allow your skin tissues to grow in a healthy environment by forming a protective barrier against harsh weather conditions that may not be good on your skin.

Lastly, avoid mixing cocoa butter with other skin care products when treating acne related complications. Stick to pure cocoa butter. If and where possible, use only raw, unrefined cocoa butter.