Q.What Is African Black Soap?

African black soap is a gentle cleansing soap which is made from naturally harvested barks and plants. Amongst the natural ingredients that make African black soap are shea butter, bark, and leaves.

What Is African Black Soap?

African black soap is generally made from locally harvested plants such as shea tree bark, palm tree leaves, cocoa pods, and plantain. The raw materials are usually roasted and sun-dried to attain its deep color. Before it’s left to cure, water and oils such as shea butter, palm, and coconut are added.

African black soap is not only used for cleansing your body but is also reputed for healing difficult skin. It is a soap which cleans softly and gives your skin not only a healthy glow. This soap can help even out breakouts, eases eczema, and thins fine lines. It is like a panacea for your skin. This black soap is said to be as effective on dry skin as it is with rashes, oily skin, sensitive skin, and scalp irritations.

Alata samina or African black soap is usually made from naturally harvested plants such as cocoa pods, shea tree bark, plantain, and palm tree leaves. These natural ingredients are first dried and then roasted giving it its deep blackish brown color. The soup mixture is then allowed to sit and cured after adding water and oils like palm, coconut, and shea butter.

Also called onago soap or ose dud, the original African black soap is pure and are made from secret recipes, though those commercially marketed may contain artificial compounds. African black soap clears blemishes, body odor, eczema, reducing acne, and soothes irritations. This soap also takes care of infections such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and plain rashes. Since water is easily absorbed by African black soap, it is advisable to store it in a zip lock bag and in a dry place.