Q.Does African Black Soap Expire?

No, it does not expire if proper care is taken. The shelf life of the African black soap is everlasting. This soap does not go bad or become rancid during its lifetime. If the removal of the ashy portion of the larger soap is wetted a little and then it can be used. This will retain the bigger portion of the soap for future use and extend its shelf life. This soap is completely free of any chemicals and is made from natural ingredients.

In most cases, African black soap is made from the leaves and bark of the banana, plantain and palm trees, the ark of the shea butter tree, and the pods of the coco plant. African black soap consists of lots of oil in addition to glycerin and other items. African black soap has no expiry date because ofthe natural ingredients.

This African black soap is highly concentrated with glycerin which means that the soap being very malleable will dissolve in the water very easily. However, the lifespan of this type of black soap can be extended by wrapping and storing it in a dry, sealed container. It may be wrapped in saran or kept in a zip lock bag.

It is ideal to wet only the portion you need at present so that the main soap bar will last longer. It is best to note that the shelf life of African black soap is such that it can be used at any time.