Q.Does African Black Soap Clear Acne?

African black soap aids in clearing acne to some extent. When you are hit by acne, it becomes a herculean task to find a product that actually can give you satisfaction. Mostly products available in the market all contain some chemical compounds which initially work well, but, then again after some time, you are back where you started with breakouts.

Does African Black Soap Clear Acne?

Yes, African black soap can help to clear up old acne spots. This is possible as it cleanses the user’s skin without excessively drying the skin. If the skin is too dry, oil and sebum production increases, which may lead to a potential acne breakout. This black soap can tone your skin and improve its texture over time.

Your search for a natural solution to acne ends with African black soap. This soap is like a cosmetic ninja because it is unnoticeably very gentle on the skin. Its extreme gentleness makes it ideal to be used even on sensitive and gentle skin.

African black soap is mostly handcrafted using time honored secret recipes and is made from a blend of unrefined shea butter, the ash of cocoa pods, coconut oil, and plantain skins. The African black soap is made only from natural ingredients and hence retains the healing elements beneficial to clear acne from your skin.

African black soap has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial characteristics that gently yet deeply cleanses and purifies your skin. The natural ash in the African black soap assists to gently and naturally exfoliate your skin, cleansing the clogged pores of the excess sebum, debris, and oil, without any over drying.

The key to acne cure is not to over dry your skin, because too much drying of your skin may actually trigger production of more sebum and oil. African black soap assists in clearing old acne spots and helps also in toning of the skin and in improvement of its texture. Initial uses of African black soap may see some breakouts which will eventually clear and your skin will boast a soft glow.