You may not have realized all the different ways you can use essential oils. Perhaps you have used them in a diffuser or added them to a carrier oil for massages. Perhaps you have created beautiful soaps, but what do you think about roll-ons? Just imagine having your most favorite essential oils mixed together and being able to apply it whenever the situation needs it! All you need is an empty essential oil bottle, a few drops of your favorite essential oil, a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil, and a roller fitment that you can purchase very cheaply, and you’re good to go. Here are a few recipes to whet your appetite.

Peppermint Patty

Peppermint Patty. This is an invigorating and fresh essential oil and applying this roll-on when you feel your energy is flagging will quickly perk you up. A simple recipe is to dilute the peppermint essential oil with your favorite carrier oil, in the ratio of one-part essential oil to four-parts carrier oil.

Sleepy Lavender

If you are struggling with sleep, then lavender essential oils are renowned for helping to reduce your blood pressure and eliciting a sense and feel of calm. In fact, Lavender is a topical essential oil, so it does not need to be diluted. However, if you decide to combine it with another essential oil, it is a good idea to ensure you dilute it with four-parts essential oil. You can roll it onto the soles of your feet and it will quickly be absorbed into your body, ready to work its magic.

Stifling Sniffles

If you are struggling with a head cold or sniffles, consider using eucalyptus essential oil. It can help unblock your nose and clear your head. This should be diluted as one-part essential oil to four-parts carrier oil.

Pep Up Your Life With Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil can invigorate you in an instant. The zesty smell of lemon will have you perky and bright in no time at all. Perfect for that after-lunch dip when you feel you want to take a quick snooze during lectures. Again, remember to dilute this one-part essential oil to four-parts carrier oil. Lemon essential oil can be combined with a variety of other oils, so why not experiment? If you feel a bit low in mood, then a quick roll-on over the wrists will have you back to your bright bubbly self in no time at all.

Relaxing Time

If you want to wind down or want to meditate, but your mind is hyped up and difficult to quieten, why not try a roll-on of ylang ylang or sandalwood? Sandalwood is renowned for helping bring clarity and spiritual insight and ylang ylang lifts the mood and relaxes the body.

Feel Free to Experiment!

Why not have a go at blending a few essential oils together to find the best one for whatever you need. You can research the properties of each essential oil, or just go by your own instinct and choose the scent that is right for you. Always combine one-part essential oil to four-parts carrier oil to ensure you don’t inflame your skin or cause irritation or rashes. Happy blending!