Not every experience that we go through in life is a joyful one. Sometimes, something sad can happen to us like the death of a family member, close friend, or pet. When this happens, we need to have a lot of mental strength to go through the tough ordeal. If you ever feel helpless along the way, perhaps using essential oils can help you handle the strong emotions.

Rose Oil for Compassion

Rose is a sensitive oil for grief as it encourages self-love and compassion. Rose oil is often used to relieve feelings of grief and to release any anger, trauma or despair. You will also get to enjoy a subtle floral scent that is not overwhelming for your senses.

Chamomile Oil for Peace

Chamomile has a long medicinal history for helping to bring a sense of peace and calm chaotic emotions. It is also effective in soothing any feelings of abandonment that you may experience after the passing of a loved one. Chamomile has sedative effects that help calm your nerves and let you sleep better at night.

Lavender Oil for Emotional Healing

Feelings of remorse, guilt, pain, and unresolved shame are common after the passing of a loved one, especially if you felt angry. Using lavender oil can encourage a healthy mental balance, create a feeling of calmness, and gently pushes you toward emotional healing. Its soft, floral scent works well as an antidepressant.

Cinnamon Oil for Warmth

The smell of cinnamon can be warm and comforting. It can jumpstart your appetite to get you back on track in life again. You stand to feel more engaged with life and be present to continue living. To use cinnamon oil topically, be sure to dilute it before usage.

Vetiver Oil for Grounding

Vetiver has an earthy scent that makes you feel more grounded so you can re-establish your connection with the earth. This is useful for when you feel like you have lost control of your life and you are searching for normalcy again. Vetiver also gives you renewed energy that can later spread out into other aspects of your life.

Neroli Oil for Hope

Neroli is much stronger that can help you eliminate feelings of unexpressed anger. You can feel more hopeful of what is about to come. You get to let go of your grief gently and regain control over your life. Neroli connects you with a higher power that restores your sense of belief.

Bergamot Oil for Joy

Bergamot has a comforting and cheerful scent that can relieve stress and anxiety. It works best as an antidepressant which restores positive feelings. It also helps encourage your mind to release any remaining negative emotions so you get to feel joyful again.

Sandalwood Oil for Stillness

Sandalwood has a calming scent that can help you release any negative feelings. It provides you with a sense of calmness that can quieten your mind. Its deep, earthy scent lingers around long enough to let you soak in the stillness into your life.