The Babassu palm tree can be found in Brazil and produces fruit which is akin to coconuts. This fruit is prized and harvested for its oil and butter. The tree is referred to by the locals as the “Tree of Life” due to the many properties that the Babassu seeds provide, which offer many nourishing benefits to the skin. It is these features which have contributed to its awareness and popularity outside the country.

The Benefits of Babassu Butter

This butter is cold pressed, which is done to guarantee that its nutrients are retained. When it comes into contact with human skin it will melt instantly, which results in the butter penetrating the skin effortlessly, providing moisture and a variety of nutrients. Babassu is packed with vitamin E, which is a dynamic antioxidant capable of supporting existing elastin and skin collage while simultaneously shielding it from damage which is sustained from free radicals. It will also promote the growth of fresh elastin and collagen, which will make your skin suppler while lowering wrinkles or fine lines.

Babassu butter is also full of fatty acids, which provide support for the membranes which exist among the skin cells. This lowers skin sagging, while also ensuring that the cells of the skin retain a moisture level which is balanced, which will make the skin look more youthful.

Babassu Butter Applications

Both oil and butter derived from Babassu fruit are excellent ingredients for soaps, particularly for a moisturizer once the saponification process has been completed. This is when the oil will provide the greatest benefits. Babassu is also ideal for healing feet which are dry or cracked, and when applied to the hair in the form of a conditioner will make it radiant and robust. Due to its similarities with coconut, Babassu butter can be used for culinary purposes.

In terms of appearance, Babassu butter which is refined will be white in color, hard and odorless with a consistency that has been compared to emollient wax. When placed on the skin one will feel a sensation of cooling. However, it will not leave behind the oily residue which is commonly associated with coconut, and many feel that it has detangling and absorption characteristics which are superior. This means that when applied to your skin it will be both smooth and soft without a greasy feel.

Babassu butter works best when applied to hair or skin products. When used in a cream or lotion, it shouldn’t comprise more than 20 percent, whereas in a balm it can be added at 100 percent. When used as a conditioner it should be kept to no more than 5 percent. It is also recommended to slowly warm it when preparing a lotion or cream, until its melts slightly or becomes exceptionally soft, that way it can be seamlessly added to the product. Some blend it by hand, which results in a very smooth substance.