Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

Ylang-Ylang essential oils exhibit properties as a sedative, nervine, hypotensive, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, antiseborrheic, and antidepressant. They have a thin consistency with a floral, exotic, and sweet aroma. Something of a late bloomer, these essential oils are now becoming extremely well-known among aroma therapists and cosmetic manufacturers. The tree from which they are derived is found in the rain forests of Polynesia, Comoro, Sumatra, Java, the Philippines, Indonesia, and other South Pacific and Asian islands.

Overall Benefits of Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

  • In internal organs, have been useful to cure infections (i.e. urinary tract, colon, intestines, stomach, etc.)
  • Effective in the prevention of septic infections
  • Have been known to cure Seborrhea (an affliction affecting the skin making it painful, unattractive, greasy or dry, and eventually peel off)
  • Can strengthen the nervous system
  • May induce a feeling of relaxation
  • In certain individuals have been known to increase libido thereby reinvigorating their sex life
  • May help to prevent bacterial infections when used on burns, abrasions, or cuts
  • Under a doctor’s supervision, may be useful to fight against high blood pressure

Uses for Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

The amazing aroma exhibited by these essential oils is sought after throughout the world. Cosmetics, in particular, are enjoying great amounts of success through the use of ylang-ylang as a fragrant ingredient. In therapy, these essential oils are used to drive away chronic stress, sadness, and anxiety and promote relaxation and feelings of hope and joy. They have been particularly useful in treating individuals suffering from shock or depression following an accident. These essential oils blend well with sandalwood, lavender, grapefruits, bergamot, rosewood, neroli, lavender, and more.


For the most part, these essential oils are safe, but in certain individuals, headache, nausea, and some sensitivity have been experienced with its usage. As with the use of any essential oil, pregnant women should seek the advice of their physician before using them.