Peru Balsam Essential Oils

This essential oil, also referred to as balsam of Peru, has a medium thick consistency with an aroma described as creamy, rich, and having vanilla undertones. It blends well with other essential oils such as the following: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, petit grain, patchouli, lavender, ginger, and black pepper. Peru balsam essential oils are derived from crude balsam through steam distillation. Balsam comes from a tree found in South and Central America. Though not as well-known as some of the other essential oils, it is nonetheless a most impressive, beneficial essential oil used as a flavoring agent and health aide.

Overall Benefits of Peru Balsam Essential Oils

  • Can assist in kidney health maintenance through increased urination
  • May improve the health of one’s heart and assist in lowering blood pressure
  • Useful in the relief of stress, anxiety, and other mental afflictions
  • May help clear the respiratory tract of congestion
  • May hamper chronic disease development
  • Useful in treating and/or preventing scabies
  • Immune system booster

Uses for Peru Balsam Essential Oils

Due to the fact that it blends well with many other beneficial essential oils, aroma therapists utilize Peru balsam essential oils for a variety of end results. It is also highly used by dentists and in products having to do with dental hygiene to eliminate harmful bacteria and infections from gums and teeth.


Instances of allergic reaction are not uncommon, so be sure that you are not allergic to Peru balsam essential oils before using. Allergic reactions can range from general discomfort, to watery eyes, to blisters. Pregnant women should avoid use of these essential oils without direction from their physician.