Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oils

You may also hear these essential oils referred to as French Immortelle, the immortal oil, and the everlasting essential oil. They originated in France and are derived through steam distillation from the flowers of the plant. Many individuals enjoy blending one or more essential oils together and these particular oils blend well with rosemary, sage, orange, lime, geranium, palmarosa, neroli, lemon, lavender, clary sage, chamomile Roman, black pepper, and bergamot. Helichrysum Italicum essential oils have a longer shelf life than many other essential oils.

Overall Benefits of Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oils

  • Can inhibit fungal and microbial infections
  • Moisturize and smooth the skin
  • Assist in clearing up skin irregularities such as boils, pox, scars, etc.
  • May cure acidity and aid in digestion
  • Useful in nervous system protection
  • Beneficial in the treatment or clearing of hemorrhage related blood clots
  • Can offer fast relief from coughing and spasms
  • May reduce the risk of heart attack and may lower blood pressure
  • Have properties that may benefit individuals suffering from anemia
  • Encourage a healthy spleen and liver
  • Can have a positive effect as a fever reducer and upon the frequency of fever
  • May be useful to those experiencing severe reactions of an allergic nature

Uses for Helichrysum Italicum Essential Oils

These essential oils are commonly used to improve meridional flow and to help cure varicose veins, neuralgia, colitis, sinusitis, arthritis, cystitis, and herpes. They are known for their uplifting effect on people’s mental function and so are a staple of aroma therapists.


Though no irritating or toxic effects have been reported or observed after the use of this oil, it is an anticoagulant. Anyone having the possibility of internal hemorrhage or having undergone surgery should either avoid its use or check with their doctor first.