Dill Weed Essential Oils

Dill weed essential oils are steam distilled directly from the weed itself ending up with a thin consistency and an aroma that is described as herbaceous, pickley, and slightly sweet. Most people are familiar with dill pickles, in fact, they probably have a jar in their refrigerator, so the aroma should be relatively familiar to just about everyone. For hundreds of years, both the seeds and the leaves of the dill plant have been used for medicinal purposes (thanks to the amino acids, minerals, flavonoids, etc.) and culinary uses (providing an appetizing, tangy, and strong taste).

Overall Benefits of Dill Weed Essential Oils

  • May reduce inflammation and pain caused by gout and arthritis
  • These oils stimulate lactation
  • Useful in treating dysentery, curing diarrhea, and treating indigestion
  • May prevent microbial infections and some cancers
  • Helpful in calming down allergy related hiccups
  • Help to maintain a proper menstrual cycle
  • Boost bone health and immunity
  • Useful in the treatment of respiratory disorders
  • Possible relief from insomnia
  • Feature mineral, vitamin, and nutrient galore

Uses for Dill Weed Essential Oils

Should you choose to mix dill weed essential oils with others, here are your best options: all citrus oils (such as lemon), petitgrain, geranium, fennel, cajeput, carrot seed, and/or aniseed essential oils. Additional uses include but are not limited to a diuretic to remove excess water, salts, and toxins from the body, to increase strength, and as a relaxant. Dill weed oils are an anti-flatulent substance, prevent cramps, and assist in removing excess gas. Because they are a good source of calcium they encourage dental and bone health. And finally, they are considered a libido booster.


If you are pregnant, you should check with your doctor before using these essential oils, even though they increase the flow of breast milk. Some individuals are reportedly sensitive to these oils and, in rare cases, have developed a skin rash from contact.