Chamomile Blue Essential Oils

Chamomile blue essential oils are seemingly appropriately renamed, exhibiting a deep blue color and thick consistency. It is derived from flowers through steam distillation and originated in Egypt. Specifically, German chamomile is said to have a floral, warm, sweetish and strong aroma and is particularly effective on adults in assisting with digestive problems and curing inflammation.

In children, however, Roman chamomile has been effective in soothing irritation, combing anger issues, and lowering annoyance levels. Chamomile blue essential oils blend well with lime, lemon, rose, tea tree, grapefruit, geranium, jasmine, lavender, clary sage, bergamot, and more.

Overall Benefits of Chamomile Blue Essential Oils

  • Disinfectant, antibiotic, antiseptic qualities also useful in scalp treatments to fight infection, mites, and lice
  • Useful as both an antidepressant and stimulant infighting sluggishness, disappointment, depression, and sadness while raising one’s spirits encouraging an overall good mood
  • Contains sedative and anti-inflammatory qualities
  • These essential oils have benefits regarding digestion from the stomach down through the liver and intestines
  • Useful against arthritis and rheumatism as they help to detoxify blood and encourage circulation
  • Can protect wounds from becoming infected
  • Anti-neuralgic and analgesic to help reduce pain in sinuses, joints, and muscles and pain from tooth aches and headaches
  • Carminative that helps the body expel gas
  • Nervine, relaxant, and anti-spasmodic useful against hyper-reactions and nervous disturbance
  • Tone up internal organs, muscles and skin when used as a tonic

Uses for Chamomile Blue Essential Oils

Well useful as a carminative, these essential oils assist in lowering blood pressure and relaxing the body. Chamomile blue essential oils are also utilized in the cosmetic industry thanks to their ability to help diminish spots, marks, and scars on the skin. Additionally, it is useful on rashes, eczema demonstrators, inflamed wounds, and acne for its cleansing and soothing properties. Aromatherapists use chamomile specifically for its calming and soothing characteristics.


Unless you have a specific allergy to chamomile or other ragweed family members, specific risks from using these particular essential oils are few and far between. Anyone having a general reaction to essential oils should avoid utilizing them or see a doctor before use.