Cedarwood Essential Oils

There are several types of Cedarwood available. For example, Cedarwood Atlas, Cedarwood Himalayan, and Cedarwood Virginia Essential Oils, just to name a few. And while each of them do exhibit slightly different traits, all of them are relatively similar in how they can benefit an individual. One slight difference is in the aroma.

Whereas Atlas and Himalayan have a woody, balsamic, warm cinnamon-like fragrance, Cedarwood Virginia seems a bit softer, sweet, and more reminiscent of sandalwood. All, however, are derived through steam distillation from the wood of the plant. And due to the fact that a Cedarwood Virginia’s detailed description also specifies slightly fewer uses than the other two Cedarwoods, the user will benefit from added research before deciding which Cedarwood is best for them.

For this reason, the benefits and uses listed below will mostly refer to Cedarwood Atlas and Cedarwood Himalayan essential oils, though some do overlap with Cedarwood Virginia.

Overall Benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oils

  • Can be used to treat acne
  • Kill fungal infections
  • May relieve tension
  • Useful as a bug repellent
  • Remedy for a cough and respiratory congestion
  • Regulate menstruation
  • Can serve as a diuretic
  • May tighten loose muscles to create firmness
  • Help fight diarrhea and other digestive disorders
  • Act as a natural deodorizer
  • Offer relief from spasmodic conditions
  • May reduce arthritis symptoms
  • Contain antiseptic properties
  • Offer relief from dry scalp
  • May combat hair loss, particularly when blended with lavender and rosemary
  • Useful in the treatment of eczema

Uses for Cedarwood Essential Oils

Some doctors have utilized cedarwood essential oils in studies with children where they helped treat ADHD and improved focus. Cedarwood essential oils were combined with lavender in some of those cases. Cedarwood can act against stress and relieve tension. Additionally, these essential oils can somewhat lessen muscle pain by reducing inflammation. They have also been used in recipes for DIY men’s cologne.


Due to the strength of this essential oil, it is not suggested that it be taken orally. In some individuals, though rarely, it has been known to cause skin irritation in high concentrations. And as with most anything, pregnant women should seek the advice of their doctor before using essential oils, including Cedarwood.