Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oils

Derived from the flowers of the lavender plant, through an extraction method known as steam distillation, this essential oil has an aroma that is described as sweet, fruity, and floral, with a thin consistency. The healing and soothing properties of lavender were originally discovered by accident when a chemist received a severe and while working. Bulgarian lavender essential oil blends well with rosewood, rosemary, thyme, tangerine, pine, patchouli, orange, mandarin, lemon, geranium, clary sage, citronella, chamomile, bergamot, and more.

Overall Benefits of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oils

  • Can aid in relieving sunburn pain and offer general pain relief
  • Therapeutic properties include treatment for stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety
  • Can assist in relieving headache, indigestion, and fever
  • Significant results are shown in bruise healing, immune support, ridding of acne, and skin healing
  • May be effective as an analgesic and antiseptic
  • Useful as an antirheumatic and decongestant
  • Effectively used as an antidepressant

Uses for Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oils

This essential oil has analgesic and antiseptic properties useful in preventing infection and easing the pain from a burn. Bulgarian lavender is, in fact, the essential oil most often associated with healing properties for the skin and burn treatment. When it comes to therapeutic purposes, it is regarded as the most versatile essential oil by herbalists.


Bulgarian Lavender essential oil does not cause specific adverse effects, therefore users only have to pay attention general safety information for using essential oils such as avoid contact with sensitive body areas, keeping it out of reach from children, and avoid highly concentrated usage.