Blood Orange Essential Oils

A blood orange is a variety of orange, the peel can be pitted or not, and they can be the same size as a common orange, larger, or smaller. The distinguishing characteristic is, of course, its red-pigmented interior, though it has a richer essential oil and a sweeter taste than the common orange. Derived from the peel of the fruit, through an extraction method known as cold pressed, this essential oil has an aroma that is described as fruity, tangy, fresh, citrus-scented, and warm, with a thin consistency. Blood orange essential oil blends well with vanilla, turmeric, nutmeg, myrrh, marjoram sweet, mandarin, lemon, lavender, juniper berry, coriander, clove bud, clary sage, and more.

Overall Benefits of Blood Orange Essential Oils

  • Encourage a relaxed, happy feeling and reduce chronic anxiety and depression
  • Provide significant relief from inflammation
  • Relax nervous spasms and muscles
  • Have been used successfully to boost immunity
  • Effective cure for dermatitis and acne and help maintain glamorous, smooth, healthy skin
  • Eliminate toxins by promoting urination
  • Useful in treating constipation and remove excess intestinal gas
  • May assist in the elimination of houseflies by acting against their pupae and larvae
  • Disinfect wounds and inhibit microbial growth aiding in the fight against tetanus, fungal infections, and septic infections

Uses for Blood Orange Essential Oils

This essential oil is a delightful addition to aromatherapy, candles, incense, perfumery, soaps, personal care formulations, and cosmetic applications. There are studies to suggest that its use in aromatherapy can assist in improving cognitive function, particularly in patients with AD. It is useful in improving immune function and clearing the lymphatic system. Blood orange essential oils are appropriate as natural disinfectants having demonstrated a significant antibacterial capacity. This essential oil is unmistakable for its wonderfully fragrant quality.


If the blood orange essential oil that you have been using has oxidized, you should not continue using it. Other than this, blood orange essential oil does not have any specific precautions to be wary of, except general precautions that apply for all types of essential oils.