Black Pepper Essential Oils

In civilizations past, this essential oil was considered sacred – so much so that it was as valuable as gold. Black pepper essential oil was also used in the mummification process, by the Egyptians. Scientific researchers have detected this essential oil in the mummified remains of Ramses ll. Distilled from the dried berries of the black pepper plant, this essential oil has an aroma that is described as woody, warm, and spicy, with a thin consistency. Black pepper essential oil blends well with sandalwood, mandarin, lime, lemon, juniper berry, lavender, grapefruit, ginger, geranium, frankincense, coriander, clove bud, clary sage, bergamot, and more.

Overall Benefits of Black Pepper Essential Oils

  • Offer relief from convulsions, spasms, muscle spasms, and cramps through an antispasmodic effect
  • Can help prohibit gas from forming in the intestines and stomach and assist in the removal of existing gas
  • Arthritis and rheumatism symptoms can be relieved through improved circulation thanks to the stimulating and warming qualities of black pepper essential oil
  • Those suffering from gout, arthritis, and rheumatism can benefit from this essential oil’s ability to remove toxins from the blood
  • Useful as a diuretic and diaphoretic
  • Has antibacterial properties that are free of side effects, particularly useful against bacterial infections involving the urinary tract, digestive system, colon, and mouth
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals including but not limited to vitamin a (beta-carotene), vitamin K, selenium, potassium, and calcium

Uses for Black Pepper Essential Oils

This essential oil is used for its therapeutic properties which include tonic, rubefacient, laxative, febrifuge, diuretic, digestive, aphrodisiac, anti-toxic, anti-spasmodic, antiseptic, and analgesic. Other treatments using black pepper essential oils include fever, nerve tonic, emotional and/or physical coldness, muscle aches, exhaustion, increase circulation, colds, flu, chills, rheumatism, and pain relief.


General precautions apply here for this essential oil, as black pepper is not known to cause specific adverse effects. If your skin is hyper sensitive, make sure that you consider dilution before proceeding with topical application.