Derived from the vetiver plant, vetiver essential oil has a distinct and earthy fragrance that may remind you of perfumes. Also known as the oil of tranquility, vetiver oil helps with the grounding of emotions. This makes Vetiver oil a popular choice in massages, aromatic uses, and to boost the immune system. Keep reading on to know more about the health benefits and uses of vetiver essential oil.

Origins of Vetiver

Since the ancient times, various applications involve using the vetiver plant, such as the making of soaps and perfumes. In tropical countries, the roots of the vetiver plant were used as a form of air conditioning before electricity was introduced. The vetiver curtains gave a soothing and enticing scent, enhancing the environment of homes and also functioning as insect repellents.

Popular Uses of Vetiver

As it has a natural scent and is gentle on the skin, vetiver essential oil has been extensively used in natural perfumery for a long time. The strong and calming aroma of the vetiver oil makes it a wonderful ingredient for not just men’s cologne, but also in air fresheners, soaps, oils, lotions, candles, and other cosmetic products. It is also used as a flavoring in drinks, sorbets, and other food items.

Packed with numerous therapeutic functions, the vetiver essential oil is known to boost relaxation and create an invigorating effect on the body. Applying a few drops just before going to bed helps to calm the mind and promote deep sleep. The smoky aroma is pleasant and gentle to the senses. When used in a massage, the oil stimulates better circulation, digestion, and increases metabolism.

Health Benefits of Vetiver

The comforting and soothing scent of the vetiver oil boosts the feeling of peacefulness and tranquility. Due to its sedative properties, the vetiver oil is effective in diminishing any feelings of anxiety and stress. This essential oil helps to calm the mind, strengthen the immune system, and rejuvenates the body. For people who had problems with sleep, the vetiver oil will provide relief and encourage more restful sleep.

Vetiver essential oil has medicinal uses where it encourages and heals the body from any inflammation by acting as an antioxidant. Wounds heal faster and better when using the essential oil. Other than having an earthy scent that helps to balance the emotional state of mind, it also improves concentration levels.

Looking at Vetiver Essential Oils

A healthy mind is as important as a having a strong physical body for one to be in top form. Vetiver is beneficial in grounding the mind and boosting the immune system. It has medicinal uses as well, as vetiver is known to create a calming and stimulating effect on the body. 3-4 drops of the vetiver essential oil can be placed in a warm bath to encourage the muscles to relax, sooths body aches and stiffness, as well as provide a higher quality sleep.

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