Tea tree is a powerful essential oil that is known for its analgesic properties. When applied to the skin it will be absorbed and will alleviate any discomfort that results from burns, cuts or insect bites. It is one of the best essential oils you can buy and is highly recommended.

Origins of Tea Tree

This oil is extracted from Melaleuca alternifolia leaves, a tree which can be found in Australia near New South Wales and Queensland. It has a fragrance which is classified as camphoraceous and has a color which ranges from clear to yellow. Although this oil is toxic when consumed orally, it is perfectly safe when used in minimal concentrations within skin care products and cosmetics. It has been used by Australian aborigines for centuries and was adopted by Australian soldiers during the 1920s for its therapeutic attributes.

Health Benefits of Tea Tree

As with other essential oils, its health benefits are many. It has both antifungal and antibacterial properties and as such is used to treat conditions such as athlete’s foot, eczema, head lice, psoriasis and acne. It is notable for its many dermatological benefits, and has been used as a treatment for dandruff. This essential can also be used for household cleaning. It will eradicate any harmful bacteria it comes into contact with, and many homeowners mix it with lemon oil, vinegar and water to clean counter tops, toilets and showers.

This essential oil also destroys mold. This is of great benefit to homeowners as mold infestation is a common problem. You can purchase a diffuser and then diffuse this essential oil throughout the air of your home and it can also be applied to dishwashers, shower curtains and any other place where mold appears.

Its antibacterial properties also mean that it can be used to get rid of body odor. It does this by killing the bacteria on your skin and as a result many enthusiasts use it as an ingredient in homemade deodorant. When combined with baking soda and coconut oil you will have a natural deodorant which is much better than most of the stuff you’ll find in stores. Research on this oil is ongoing, and studies indicate that it can prevent and treat skin lesions. It works best when used in combination with raspberry seed oil or frankincense.

A Look at Tea Tree Essential Oils

This oil is volatile and is most popular for its antiseptic benefits. However, it also reduces inflammation. The specific ingredients contained within this oil that give it its marvelous benefits include sesquiterpenes and terpene hydrocarbons. It is one of nature’s disinfectants and is gentle when applied externally to the body.

It is recommended to use this oil topically and aromatically, as this is where its benefits are strongest. However, it should be diluted and the best way to do so is with carrier oil such as coconut. Tea tree oil should never be ingested as it is poisonous when consumed this way. While some use it for dental purposes, it should be spit out afterwards and should never be swallowed.