Have you heard of the versatile ingredient used in essential oils and skin care products: Peru balsam? Also known as balsam of Peru, this herb is used in soaps and cosmetics for its healing properties. In this guide, we share more with you about this amazing ingredient and what you can expect from it.

Origins of Peru Balsam

Peru balsam is known by many different names, including Indian balsam, black balsam, myroxylon peierae, and more. This herb is extracted from a specific kind of tree that grows in El Salvador known as myroxylon balsamum. It can also thrive in Central and South American countries including Panama, Mexico and Jamaica. The oily sap that comes from the bark of this tree is used to create medicines and balms that are used to treat wounds, burns, bedsores and many others.

Popular Uses of Peru Balsam

Peru balsam is used in a variety of applications today. It can be added to food as flavoring, as well as to perfumes to prevent them from evaporating too quickly. Traditionally, it has been applied directly to the skin to treat wounds, rashes, sores, bleeding and more. It is also used for treating “dry socket”, a dental condition that can arise after tooth extraction when the clot in the gum is exposed prematurely. Because of this, Peru balsam is also used in toothpaste.

Health Benefits of Peru Balsam

The main health benefits of Peru balsam include its ability to reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. Coming with antioxidant properties, this versatile ingredient can help to fight signs of aging when applied as part of a skin care routine. Bacteria and germs that can be found on wounds can also be removed by applying Peru balsam thanks to its antiseptic abilities, reducing the chances of infections and invasions. In fact, Peru balsam is also known as an “anti-mite” treatment in its countries of origin in Central and South America.

A Look at Peru Balsam Essential Oils

To obtain Peru balsam essential oil, pieces of cloth are used to soak up the resin derived from the tree bark. Afterwards, these cloths are boiled in water to derive an aromatic, dark brown liquid. There are many ways you can apply Peru balsam essential oils, be it through inhalation or directly to the skin. You can also add a few drops to your skin care products to change things up a little. Because Peru balsam essential oil can help to fight signs of aging in the skin, you may choose to apply a lotion with added Peru balsam to your face to fight signs of free radical damage.

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