Palo Santo essential oil has gained some popularity over the years and has a widespread use within holistic aromatherapy. It is renowned for its pronounced healing powers and distinctive uplifting fragrance. Most families use this oil to keep them healthy through winter. This oil shares the same constituents as Frankincense oil and they both have slightly the same aromas. This is an oil to pay close attention to due to its many potent benefits.

Origins of Palo Santo

Palo Santo which means “wood of the saints” or “holy wood” originates from South America. The essential oil is derived from fallen wood from a sweet fragrant tree that belongs to the citrus family. For decades, the medicine people, Shamanas, Incas and indigenous communities in South America have used this medicine tree for spiritual, healing and clearing cleansing. In Ecuador, the Palo Santo tree is considered sacred and up to date, this tree is protected and can only be cut down after acquiring special government permit. South America natives believe that Palo Santo tree is of no use unless it dies of natural causes and that it possesses magical qualities, explaining why it is such a deeply rooted age-old remedy.

Popular Uses of Palo Santo

Palo Santo essential oil is widely used in skin care routines to help tighten up the skin, providing a more youthful appearance. It also contains antioxidants which help to stimulate growth of new skin cells and minimize signs of aging like age spots and blemishes. Many homes are known to use Palo Santo as a room deodorizer and it is believed to eliminate viruses and bacteria. Diffusing this oil throughout your house can help to repel annoying and harmful insects.

Health Benefits of Palo Santo

Palo Santo is known for providing many health benefits to users. Today, Palo Santo essential oil is used to elevate stress levels, and relieve pains and aches. It also helps people suffering from nervous disorders, arthritis, sleep disorders, respiratory infections, colds, coughs, anxiety and depression. When topically applied or inhaled, Palo Santo oil detoxifies the body and helps to stimulate the immune system.

A Look at Palo Santo Essential Oils

Today, people are keen on leading healthy lifestyles which means they look for ways to improve their mental and physical health. Palo Santo oil plays a very big role when it comes to stimulating the body’s relaxation response to combat depression, sleep disorders, worry and anxiety, promoting mental health. It can also be ingested as herbal tea to support the immune system and shut down inflammatory responses caused by illness, environmental stress, pollution and diet. People who frequently use Palo Santo oil have a more positive outlook on life that those who don’t, making Palo Santo one of the most sought after essential oils in the market.

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