The use of lavender has become pretty widespread today. Have you heard of lavender essential oil, lavender cake, and even lavender beer? Well, now you know. In addition to possessing health benefits, it has a vast array of practical uses. This beautiful, yet highly utilitarian botanical has stood the test of time and today remains a significant factor in organic and holistic treatments and practices.

Origins of Lavender

The use of lavender goes back some 2500 years and has origins in India, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. It has multiple uses but is known for its sweet floral fragrance and beauty. During biblical times, it was a major ingredient in the making of the Holy Essence and Nard. The Romans discovered the medicinal purposes of lavender and additionally used it to scent their hair, clothing, beds, and baths. As well as in its original countries of origin, lavender continues to be cultivated in North and South America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe.

Popular Uses of Lavender

Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils in that it can be utilized in culinary, therapeutic, and medicinal applications, as well as having any number of practical uses. In addition to the health benefits listed below it can be used topically. Joint pain and muscle strains and sprains can be relieved by rubbing this essential oil on the affected area. (You may want to dilute your essential oils with carrier oils to reduce the possibility of skin irritation, particularly in persons with sensitive skin.)

That said, it can also be used to treat skin ailments such as rashes, small scabs, and burns. Finally, lavender makes a great bug repellent. Goodness knows what kinds of diseases and viruses can be spread by obnoxious insects like mosquitoes, so this is good news, particularly for those areas typically plagued by mosquito investigation.

Health Benefits of Lavender

Sufferers of occasional or chronic headaches receive some relief from the use of lavender. Not only can it reduce stress levels but it can relieve headache pain when breathed deeply into the air passages. When used during massage therapy, this essential oil helps to bring about a sense of well-being, reduces stress, and relax muscles. Much on the same lines, it can be used as a sleep aid when ingested as a warm, aromatic tea. Crushing lavender flowers and allowing them to steep in hot water is all it takes. Of course, the tea can be flavored to the individual’s taste.

A Look at Lavender Essential Oils

As important as a healthy body can be, a healthy mind is of equal significance in order to operate at full capacity. In this crazy world in which we live, a healthy mind is not an easy thing to come by. Lavender can be a useful tool in keeping one’s mind and spirit healthy and uplifted. It is actually used to treat depression and, in some cases, is used as an alternative to modern medicines. In a 2009 study, test subjects showed as much improvement (when being treated for anxiety) from ingesting a lavender filled capsule as did other subjects being treated with the drug lorazepam.

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