Lavandin essential oils contain the main ingredient, lavandin grosso. The oil is extracted via steam distillation and has a pale-yellow color. It has a thin consistency and produces an aroma that is fresh, floral, sweet, and more herbaceous than lavender. Read on to find out more about this ingredient:

Origins of Lavandin Grosso

Also known as lavandin hybrida or lavandin intermedia, lavandin grosso is a hybrid plant of spike lavender and true lavender. It was first cultivated during the late 1920s. Today, lavandin is grown in many parts of Europe. Thousands of tons of lavandin are also produced in South France annually. Compared to other plants, lavandin is easier to cultivate. It also produces a higher yield than lavender. As lavandin oil is frequently used as a substitute for lavender oil, it is widely utilized in the cosmetic (perfumery) industry.

Popular Uses of Lavandin Grosso

Individuals who suffer from stiff muscles have turned to lavandin essential oils for quick relief. As the oil contains calming agents and have anti-inflammatory properties, they make an effective remedy for muscle pain, stiffness, and cramps. The ingredient has also been used in creams, lotions, blended massage oils, and vapor therapy. For example, lavandin essential oils can be vaporized to promote relaxation in individuals who are suffering from a flu, cold, or cough.

Health Benefits of Lavandin Grosso

When phlegm clogs your respiratory tract and lungs, you may suffer from coughs. Lavandin essential oils can help purge the lungs from phlegm and reduce the frequency of coughs. If you are seeking body pain relief, lavandin grosso is the ingredient you need. It also helps to reduce fatigue and various symptoms of cold. Since lavandin is an active vulnerary, it can speed up the healing process of wounds. You can use it to disinfect wounds and heal scars as well. If you need to get a quick boost of mental strength, self-esteem, and confidence, seek essential oils that contain lavandin. The ingredient is an antidepressant and has been used by aromatherapists and naturopaths to help individuals battle clinical depression.

A Look at Lavandin Grosso Essential Oils

Some people may be confused between lavender and lavandin. You just need to keep in mind that lavandin is larger than lavender. The plants usually feature a woody stem as well as gray or blue flowers. Lavandin grosso is considered to be generally safe since it is non-sensitizing, non-irritant, and non-toxic. It is true that there are no known adverse side effects, but it is recommended that you avoid it if you are pregnant. All in all, lavandin is an ingredient that blends particularly well with rosemary, patchouli, thyme, pine, jasmine, clary sage, cinnamon, citronella, and bergamot.

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