Jasmine oil has a sweet and floral aroma made from the jasmine plant flowers. Extensively used in aromatherapy, Jasmine essential oil contains the aromatic compounds in the plant which has many health benefits such as reducing stress and boosting self-confidence. It is also a great ingredient to add in your skincare routine. Let’s find out more about this popular essential oil:

Origins of Jasmine

Jasmine oil is derived from the white flowers of the jasmine plant, also called Jasminun officinale. This flower is believed to have originated from Iran, but it can also be found in tropical climates today. For many years, Jasmine has been well known for its romantic, intoxicating, and sweet aroma, which is why it has been used in many of the world’s most popular perfumes. It is also commonly found in sweets, alcohol, and desserts. The popularity of this sensuality-invoking plant has allowed it to spread rapidly to many places in the world.

Popular Uses of Jasmine

Jasmine has a significant number of different applications. The activating and stimulating effect of Jasmine oil make it extremely effective for improving mood and relieving depression. Using it in aromatherapy message is one of the best ways to reap its benefits. It is uplifting to the senses and promotes a positive atmosphere, allowing you to feel more energetic, positive, and calm.

Jasmine oil has also been known to have antibacterial and antiseptic properties. This makes it effective in the treatment and prevention of infections when diluted with carrier oil and applied to the body or used as a rinse for any oral infections. It can also be used to spice things up with your partner as it has a stimulant effect, resulting in an increase in positive and romantic feelings.  Simply apply a few drops of Jasmine oil on your neck, bedding, a diffuser, or in a warm bath.

Health Benefits of Jasmine

Jasmine has a stimulating effect on the brain and helps to boost energy. This essential oil is extremely effective in reducing depression and improving mood, even helping to reduce symptoms of menopause. Jasmine oil is also great to use in skincare and helps to speed up the healing of chronic wounds, due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The sweet fragrance of jasmine oil has a calming effect, which helps to improve symptoms of irritability and insomnia.

A Look at Jasmine Essential Oils

Jasmine essential oil is an excellent oil well known for its exotic, distinctive, and floral fragrance. Its intoxicating scent is known to be an aphrodisiac that enhances feelings of romance and love. Jasmine oil is also a top favourite in aromatherapy as its warm and exotic fragrance soothes, uplifts, and increases self-confidence. There are a variety of ways to use this oil, from adding into your skincare routine to refreshing and rejuvenating the skin to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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