There are so many benefits to using garlic that it would be nearly impossible to list all of them in this short but informative ingredient spotlight. Garlic essential oils, however, do have some major benefits which can be helpful in any number of ways. In a nutshell, the use of garlic essential oils can aid in the following areas: maintain a healthy immune system, boost cognitive function, optimize digestion, stimulate circulation, reduce inflammation, soothe headaches, help with weight loss efforts, and more. These essential oils have also been known to help keep blood sugar levels normal, lower cholesterol, and relieve congestion. Let’s take a closer look at garlic:

Origins of Garlic (Allium Sativum)

Scientifically referred to as allium sativum, garlic is nothing less than amazing. When it comes to food additives or ingredients, it is by far the healthiest. It is widely used in both natural medicine practices and culinary applications. In addition to essential oil bottles, you can find garlic in capsule form or as an oral tablet. For a highly concentrated dose, however, essential oils are preferable. (In the kitchen, you’ve probably seen cloves, salt, and powder.)

In ancient Greece, garlic was used by athletes during the Olympics to enhance performance. It also helped increase the energy of laborers and reduce fatigue.

Popular Uses of Garlic (Allium Sativum)

When most people think of garlic, they imagine either being in the kitchen or at a dining table. Though popular in many Italian dishes, garlic is used in numerous cuisines and recipes. But as common as garlic is as an ingredient in foods, its outstanding health benefits should not be ignored. Many individuals include a garlic capsule a day in their routine.

Health Benefits of Garlic (Allium Sativum)

Garlic has numerous health benefits including, but not limited to, antihypertensive, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. It can be used to treat bronchitis symptoms, colds, and to prevent infections. But it doesn’t stop there! It is an incredible detoxifier that can relieve tiredness and help to rejuvenate the body.

Studies have been done that show, at least on a preliminary basis, that because estrogen levels increased, osteoarthritis and bone loss were minimized if not altogether prevented through the use of garlic essential oils. But there’s more good news… in people with heart disease, garlic may help to improve physical performance.

A Look at Garlic (Allium Sativum) Essential Oils

Have you ever wondered how essential oils are derived? Different oils are created through various techniques using different sections of plants, trees, etc. Garlic, in particular, is derived from the bulbs of the plant and created by the method of steam distillation.

Note: The potent smell of garlic can be evident as one sweats through their body odor and on one’s breath. Additionally, though rare, some individuals have experienced skin irritation when applying these essential oils directly to their skin.

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