Galbanum is probably one of the less-known essential oils out there. To those who have tried using one, it has been noted to have powerful cicatrisant properties, or the capability to promote speedy scar healing. This makes it popular in the world of skincare. Beyond these facts, there is a lot of things to discover about this essential oil.

Origins of Galbanum

Coming from the resin of a flowering plant in Iran (then Persia), galbanum has been popular as part of ancient culture. In the Old Testament, it is being referenced as one of the fragrant spices, together with onycha, gum resin, and frankincense. This clear-colored extract is commonly extracted through the process known as steam distillation.

Popular Uses of Galbanum

Galbanum has a series of uses. Rather than using it as a standalone product, this essential oil is noted to have that better scent when mixed with other essential oils. It is a popular anti-inflammatory agent thus making it useful in treating wounds, acne, pimples, and other skin disorders.

Galbanum works great on the skin as it helps diminish scars resulting from chicken pox, cuts and acne. It works by speeding up the growth of new tissues and cells where scars were once evident. Like rosehip oil, it deeply penetrates into the skin to promote scar healing while getting rid of the damaged tissues and allowing them to vanish over time.

Health Benefits of Galbanum

Aside from its cicatrisant properties, galbanum is also regarded to have anti-spasmodic, anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic, anti-parasitic, and emollient properties. As such, it is known to provide several health benefits to the end user. This circulatory stimulator and detoxifier stimulates good circulation. It is also good at treating muscular spasms. It clears up congestion in the bronchi, trachea, lungs, larynx, pharynx, and nasal tracts.

It is also a vital remedy to boils and other skin abscesses since it can help remove toxins from the blood. Additionally, you can count on it to help rejuvenate the skin thus giving it a younger and more toned look. It can also help keep insects away with its strong smell. It can get rid of lice, bed bugs, fleas and mosquitoes. It can also help soothe muscular aches and other muscular-related problems. It is likewise being used in the world of aromatherapy to help one recover from depression, trauma, or shock.

A Look at Galbanum Essential Oils

The steam distillation process of extraction for galbanum allows it to be converted to an essential oil that will serve its various purposes and deliver all benefits expected from it. Some people simply combine it with other essential oils like geranium, carrot seed, spruce, lavender, and rose otto. While there is no known adverse reaction from the use of galbanum, it is stressed that it should not be used in very high dosages.

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