There are many uses for fennel sweet oil. Whether it’s featured as an essential oil, in a lotion cream or soap, it can be incorporated into your general skin care routine to promote and improve healthy circulation, metabolism, brighten a dull complexion and clearing oily skin. Apart from these physical benefits, it is also useful for removing cellulites, to support the respiratory and circulatory systems.

Origins of Fennel Sweet

Fennel, a flowering plant, is native to the Mediterranean. Its aromatic flavorful scent has it widely cultivated around the world, popular among commercial and personal use. Its stem base is mainly used as a vegetable, and the seeds to extract oil from. The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of crushed fennel seeds, from which the chemical makeup of the seeds gives it a tinge resemblance to liquorice.

Popular Uses of Fennel Sweet

Fennel was a very popular herb in medieval times as it was believed to convey longevity, confidence and courage, as well as warding of spirits in spiritual practices. In present days, it is used to promote productivity from the energizing scent it gives out when adding fennel oil to diffusers. Alternatively, a few drops of fennel essential oil may also be improvised in hot compresses to reduce swelling, added in baths for stimulating effects such as when inhaling deeply in the shower the aroma has a soothing effect that eases and lowers the stress level after a long hectic day.

Some may prefer to apply the fennel oil directly on their skin for soothing and calming effects. The fruit, leaves and oil extracts of fennel are also widely endorsed by culinary professionals featuring it as a key ingredient to savor their dishes due to the strong flavors it produces. It can also be as simple as adding a few drops of fennel oil in warm water and drinking it to prevent indigestion.

Health Benefits of Fennel Sweet

Fennel essential oil is an ingredient best known for good digestive health. It provides phenomenal digestive support. At the same time, fennel essential oil can help the user find balance in their diet.

One of the many benefits of Fennel is that, due to its antiseptic properties, it can help reduce and eliminate gut spasms, prevent and minimize gas and bloating, and has detoxifying effects when consumed. When used topically on wound cuts, it protects the wound from getting an infection, speeding up the healing process. Having contain antioxidants and antimicrobial characteristics as well, fennel oil acts as a free radical inhibitor, provides antimicrobial activities against certain strains of pathogenic fungi and bacterial. When the oil is ingested, it helps combat support weight loss by boosting your metabolism while suppressing appetite so that you will not overeat. It includes being an expectorant which can help increase the production of breast milk, act as a natural laxative or even a mouth freshener.

A Look at Fennel Essential Oils

Fennel oil is a multi-purpose oil from utilizing it in aromatic therapies for calming and soothing effects to applying it topically on skin or rubbing it to ease digestive tract discomfort. It is recognized to be safe for consumption however it is best to prevent it if you suspect to be have hypersensitivity towards it. Young children and pregnant women should also avoid fennel as it affects the estrogen level or in the case of any unknown complication that might arise, to prevent it.