The elemi is regarded as one of those oils that you can use to brighten your skin while uplifting your spirit. It is gifted with a scent that will definitely ignite the senses in a good way. You can add it to your skin care cream, or place a few drops to your massage oil and discover how it works. It can also soothe your body.

Origins of Elemi

Originating from the Philippines, particularly from the South’s Bicol Region, the oil is a product of the resin from the region’s very famous pili tree. The tree from which the oil is extracted is similar to those from where myrrh, frankincense, and opopinax essential oils are extracted. Back then, extraction of the elemi from the resin was feared with the thought that it can endanger the tree which has been a source of living for many Bicolanos. Thanks to technology and this ideology changed. This has opened to the more fruitful production of elemi which to this day has been regarded as one of the powerhouse casts in the world of essential oils.

Popular Uses of Elemi

Elemi is used in a lot of specific applications. It is well-noted as an expectorant thus relieving congestion from the lungs and bronchial passages. It is also popular in treating several digestive disorders while also soothing joint pain. It has also been used in a lot of countries as a stimulant while others have run to it for comfort when treating skin ulcers, easing rheumatism symptoms, and preventing swelling.

This essential oil is also noted for its benefits to the skin. It can help make the skin look tighter and firmer with special properties also targeting the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also normalize your skin oils. Meaning, it can soothe dry skin if you have one or reduce oil production if you have oily skin. It hydrates the skin naturally without making it look oily.

Health Benefits of Elemi

Among the many health benefits of elemi is its capability to boost the immune system function while also supporting respiratory health. It also speeds up wound healing while also preventing infection. Aside from helping treat several skin conditions, you can count on it to act as a tonic for the body. You will surely love that it can turn stress into joy. On top of all these, elemi can restore skin and hair health too.

A Look at Elemi Essential Oils

Elemi essential oils can be combined with other essential oils for better results. You can use it as a chest rub together with jojoba oil or make it your partner during those cold winter months. Just combine four drops of elemi with two drops each of peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus. It can also be used for meditation purposes. Simply mix six drops of this essential oil with six drops of sandalwood and three drops of either neroli or rose essential oils. If there is one thing you should remember when using this non-sensitized, non-toxic essential oil, then that will be the fact that you should not ingest it.

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