Clary Sage is an herbaceous plant which is perennial or biennial, and grows naturally in the northern Mediterranean. It can also be found naturally in Central Asia and North Africa. It has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties, and is harvested for its use as an essential oil.

Origins of Clary Sage

The essential oil derived from Clary Sage is extracted through the distillation of steam via the leaves and buds of the plant. It was mentioned by ancient writers such as Pliny the Elder as well as Theophrastus which indicates how long it has been used as a form of medicine. In particular, its usage has shown great benefit to the eyes and optical health. Clary Sage essential oil is primarily comprised of Geraniol, Sclareol, Linalool and Neryl Acetate. It is popularly used as an eye cleanser and can also enhance vision while brightening the eyes and protecting them against deterioration resulting from aging.

Health Benefits of Clary Sage

Clary Sage has antibacterial properties. It is lethal to both fungi and bacteria, and will shield those who use it against infection. In particular, research has indicated that Clary Sage is most effective in combating harmful bacteria which afflict the intestines, urinary track or colon. It is also an antidepressant, and when used can enhance confidence, self-esteem, hope and psychological strength. It provides all the benefits of prescription antidepressants with none of the negative side effects. It reduces anxiety and loneliness, and can calm the nerves after a traumatic experience.

Many people suffer from muscle cramps, headaches and spasmodic coughs. Clary Sage is an antispasmodic and as such can relieve all these elements and more by calming the impulses of the nerves, preventing spasms from occurring. Clary Sage has also been used as an antiseptic for wounds. By applying it topically tetanus can be avoided. In fact, Clary Sage is such as powerful substance that it can be used to help the body recover after surgery.

A Look at Clary Sage Essential Oils

Clary Sage has so many benefits that it can rightly be called a miracle substance. The benefits mentioned so far are just a small fraction of what this essential oil is capable of. It provides benefits which range from dental and gum strength to enhanced sexual desire, for both men and women.

Those who use Clary Sage essential oils have also reported numerous benefits to their skin. This is likely due to an ester within the substance named linalyl acetate, which lowers inflammation while eliminating rashes. Additionally, it balances the oils which are produced by the skin, which lowers excessive dryness or oil which makes the skin younger and more vibrant. Clary Sage is a natural sedative and can boost the effects of drugs and alcohol and using an excessive dosage of it can lead to headaches. It must also be noted that Clary Sage is also one of the costlier essential oils, but when you consider its many benefits; it is well worth the price.