Cedarwood essential oils have a plethora of beneficial properties. Some of these include use as a fungicidal, sedative, insecticidal, expectorant, diuretic, and astringent substance. But these incredible oils don’t stop there. They also have antispasmodic and antiseptic qualities. Let’s take a closer look at cedarwood.

Origins of Cedarwood

The wood pieces of a cedarwood tree are put through a steam distillation process for the extraction of cedarwood essential oils. The tree is normally found at high altitudes and the plant is native to cold climates. It has many health benefits and much medicinal value thanks to the components contained within.

Popular Uses of Cedarwood

To help balance oily skin, cedarwood essential oils are frequently used in cosmetic preparations. As an additive, cedarwood can be worked into lotions and creams and rubbed on the chest. This tends to soothe problems such as seasonal respiratory issues because of its decongestant properties.

Rather than lavender, some individuals choose to use cedarwood essential oils for a more relaxed and calm feeling. It is particularly helpful against mosquitoes as well as other insects and microorganisms. It may even inhibit the growth of certain cancer cells!

Health Benefits of Cedarwood

The health benefits of cedarwood essential oils are numerous. They can relieve spasms and stimulate regular menstruation. They can assist in the removal of phlegm and eliminating coughs. Cedarwood has been known to help cure seborrhoea and acne as well as helping to stave off the effects of arthritis through its anti-inflammatory characteristics. It can stimulate metabolism and is an effective diuretic as well as helping to lower high blood pressure and assisting in the fight against obesity. Using these essential oils can help prevent wounds from becoming septic, strengthen gums, cure toothaches, and cure fungal infections.

A Look at Cedarwood Essential Oils

Known as the “oil of the gods”, cedarwood essential oils have a long history of use in Asia, Africa, Egypt, and India. Though it was always being used for its health benefits, it was also utilized as part of tradition and religious ceremonies. Cedarwood was highly prized in ancient times. Today, for aromatherapy and holistic healing, it is priceless.

This essential oil is often used to treat oily skin, dermatitis, dandruff, and acne. It has been used successfully to fight kidney disorders and may even be used to relieve stress. Cystitis, and bronchitis sufferers may also put cedarwood to good use. It has been used to remove toxins from the body, promote hair growth, and improve focus.

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