There are so many essential oils available in this present day and age that it can be hard to choose which are right for you. Camphor oils are one of the most popular choices that have found their way into many wellness kits, offices, medicine cabinets, bedside tables, etc. Camphor’s numerous medicinal properties only add to its already penetrating, cool, and lasting aroma.

Origins of Camphor

In both the past and present, camphor essential oils have been successfully blended with other essential oils such as lavender, Melissa, chamomile, cajuput, basil, and others. They have long been used to calm frazzled nerves and continues, to this day, to be an impressive aid in vapor therapies. Ages ago, camphor was frequently applied directly to areas where sore joints and muscles were a problem; long before products like Bengay, Biofreeze, Aspercreme, and other popular topical treatments were ever thought of. The camphor tree is native to Japan, China, and Taiwan or Formosa. The fact that this tree can grow to be extremely aged is fortunate in that a tree must be at least 50 years old in order for the essential oils to be extracted from it.

Currently in Iran, but formerly in Persia, camphor was and remains a well-known treatment against the plague. You may also have heard that it was used throughout ancient history in embalming.

Popular Uses of Camphor

Camphor, along with other medicines, has reportedly been used beneficially in instances of cardiac failure. It has been useful, as well, in the treatment of the following: insect bites, reproductive organ infections, food poisoning, flu, measles, and cough. It has also assisted in treating viral diseases, hysteria, epilepsy, and more. Camphor oils should not be heated, applied to broken skin, or to the eyes.

Health Benefits of Camphor

The health benefits of camphor are numerous, indeed. Using camphor will, can, or may help with or accomplish any or all of the following: relief from congestion, neuralgia, and spasms. It also may relax the brain and nerves. It is still a major ingredient in Vicks VapoRub. Camphor can help reduce arthritic pain, inflammation, and nervous disorders. Some users have experienced a boost in libido. Camphor can help eliminate gas, prevent skin infections, and improve circulation.

A Look at Camphor Essential Oils

Two different kinds of camphor trees are required for the extraction process through which camphor essential oils are derived. First, there is the tree from which Borneo Camphor is made – the Dryobalanops camphora or Borneo Camphor tree. The other tree required for these essential oils is the Cinnamomum camphora or the Common Camphor tree.

Though alike in many ways, the camphor from these tress does marginally differ in a couple of ways. The camphor from each has different concentrations of the numerous compounds found within. Additionally, they each have their own aroma. The compounds referred to are as follows: safrol, terpene, camphor, camphene, pinene, borneol, and alcohol.

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