Amyris essential oils possess a subtle yet complex aroma. The wonderful woodsy oil is known to produce aromas that begin vanilla-like. It slowly fades into a slightly balsamic, woodsy, and warming scent. As the woodsy notes tend to stay behind after it dries, it can blend well with earthy aromas. You should keep in mind that amyris is not botanically related to sandalwood, thus it is not a therapeutic substitute for the latter. Let’s find out more about amyris:

Origins of Amyris

Amyris balsamifera is a tropical evergreen that grows on the mountainous slopes of Haiti. They are often found in the form of small thickets. As it has a high oil content, it allows the wood to burn like a candle when lit. Hence, the natives called it candlewood. It is common for fishermen to use candlewood as a torch to locate sea life along the shoreline. Peasants, who lived in the mountains, have also used amyris as a lighting source when traveling at night to sell their wares to the local markets.

Today, the wood is distilled to extract its essential oil. The branches and trunks are chopped and seasoned up to six months before the distillation process. This is an essential step to ensure that the oil has a smooth consistency. Unseasoned wood may produce essential oils that are sharp and harsh. This is not pleasant to the senses.

Popular Uses of Amyris

The ingredient has been used to make essential oils that promote good sleep. Individuals who were struggling with insomnia have benefitted from inhaling amyris via an oil diffuser or steam inhaler before bed. As it eases the tension in your muscles and calms your mind, you will most likely fall into a deeper sleep and feel more refreshed when you wake up in the morning.

Next, amyris essential oils are also utilized as insect repellents. Biting flies, gnats, and mosquitoes find their aroma extremely unpleasant. Some of the best ways to use the oil include placing a few drops in diffusers or potpourris.

If you want to improve the aroma in your home, this is essential oil ingredient you want to include in your cleaning solutions. Adding a few drops to a dust rag can provide long-term protection against germs and pathogens as well. By neutralizing airborne pathogens, you can effectively shield against foul odors.

Health Benefits of Amyris

Amyris essential oils are excellent at removing physical and etheric toxins that distort and congest an individual’s body. When your body is disease-free, you will be able to maintain stellar health. If you are looking for an essential oil ingredient that has antiseptic properties, look no further than amyris. This ingredient can serve as an effective remedy for certain skin disorders and infections.

Due to the ingredient’s antibacterial properties, it can also eliminate respiratory infections by addressing the underlying pathogen that caused the infection. For example, it can soothe sore throats as well as cut through mucus, phlegm, and nasal congestion.

A Look at Amyris Essential Oils

Amyris has light qualities and can be easily overpowered. This allows them to prolong the aroma of top note oils like pine and citrus. Since they possess a tackier and thicker consistency, extra effort may be needed when blending the ingredient with other oils. Next, the ingredient is generally safe to use for those with non-sensitive skin. It is non-irritating, non-sensitizing, and non-toxic.