A lot of people are under the impression that classy means complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes simple things can be elegant, such as the floating candle bowl. This simple object can dramatically enhance your backyard BBQ or outdoor party into one that is enchanting, with a wonderful fragrance. For best results you will want to use a group of these bowls, and position them around your patio. Below are some steps for making them.

Why Citronella Is The Key Ingredient

Citronella is a type of essential oil which is derived from the stems or leaves of the Cymbopogon plant. The plant can be found naturally in Asia, along with a few Pacific Islands. Citronella comes in two variants, one of which is called Ceylon (also the old name for Sri Lanka) while the other is called Java. Both must be produced via the distillation of steam. It has an aroma which has been described as lemony, crisp and rich. The oil is commonly used in perfumes due to its outstanding scent, and it may also be found in candles, soap and incense. In the food industry it has also been used for flavoring and is highly popular for its ability to repel insects, and has even been found to calm dogs which are prone to barking.

This makes it the perfect candidate for outdoor parties or other events, especially those which are held at night in tropical or subtropical regions. Some insects are very active in the evenings, and their presence can annoy those who just want to enjoy the evening air. Citronella is also prized for its antifungal characteristics and is considered to be a type of bio pesticide that unlike most store brought products works in a nontoxic way.

Things You Will Need To Make The Candle Float Bowl

To make it you will need a bowl (preferably made of glass), decorations for it, which can include orange or lemon peels, flower petals, cinnamon sticks or rosemary. You will want to apply ten drops of lemongrass oil, twenty drops of citronella oil, and one tablespoon of witch hazel. Finally, you will need some water so that the glass bowl can be topped off, along with a single floating candle that is unscented.

How To Make Your Candle Float Bowl

Take all the decorations and artfully arrange them inside the bowl. It is best to cut the decorations into pieces which are two inches each so they won’t bunch near the bowl’s top or make it overturn. Second, add in the citronella, witch hazel and lemongrass inside the bowl. Make sure the bowl’s remaining space is completely water filled, and once you place the bowl outdoors, make sure it is topped off using the floating candle and then light it so you can produce an ambient, relaxing atmosphere that both you and all the guests will enjoy when they arrive.