Getting massage oil blends correct is extremely important, as it will determine the effectiveness of your products. A general rule of thumb is to keep your blends with a dilution of about 2 percent. For 1 oz (or 30 ml), this would be from ten to twelve drops, while for 2 oz (or 60 ml), it would be from twenty to twenty four drops. However, you will want to vary your percentages depending on the effects you’re looking for.

Why Is Dilution So Important?

When you consider the fact that over 90 percent of oil will evaporate when topically applied, why is dilution so important? The answer is that human skin doesn’t handle concentrated essential oils very well. Adverse reactions can occur, which is why most experts recommend no more than 5% essential oils in any given blend.

Your skin will absorb the oil into your body, in greater amounts if undiluted oil is used. When the oil is first applied to the skin, it will not necessarily evaporate instantly, and instead will remain for a time. This is when the chances of an adverse reaction occurring is greatest. Essential oils should always be diluted to prevent toxicity, irritation and skin reactions.

Most Ideal Blend For Muscle Relaxation

To relax the muscles, here are some ingredients you can use. Use 6 drops of lavender with 2 oz of jojoba wax, 2 drops of Vetiver oil, and 2 drops of Ylang Ylang oil and 10 drops of Cedarwood oil. This will give you a dilution of about 2 percent, as it is a total of 20 oil drops in jojoba wax at 2 oz. This blend is excellent for basic massage, but if your muscles are in need of something stronger, you can use the following recipe.

Blend For Sore Muscles

If your muscles are sore after a day of exercising or hiking, you’ll want to soothe them, and to do this you will need something stronger than normal. This means you should increase the dilution to 3 percent. To achieve this you would want to use 1 oz or fifteen to eighteen drops, or 2 oz at thirty to thirty six drops. You would still use jojoba wax and the other ingredients listed, but the dilution would be higher. You can be rest assured that this blend of essential oils will be strong enough to relax your muscles after an arduous day.

Best Blend For A Relaxing Massage

The following are the ingredients you will want to use for a massage which is truly luxurious. You would take 2 oz of jojoba wax and combine it with 8 drops of Ravintsara oil, 6 drops of Peppermint oil, 6 drops of Orange oil and 16 drops of Roman Chamomile oil. This is a powerful combination that will ease your body and mind by reducing inflammation while cooling and soothing the muscles which are strained.