With the many pollutants that come in and out of the home and office, and with the COVID-19 virus in the air at the moment, you will definitely do your best to find a solution in keeping these viruses, bacteria, and harmful elements at bay. The good thing is you can simply invest in a good humidifier and from there, you are good to go. If you ever wonder about essential oils for humidifiers, here is a list of the best ones you should consider.

You have to take note, however, that it is important to consider buying a humidifier that can be used as a diffuser at the same time. This technology will definitely allow you to regularly use essential oils whenever you turn on the appliance. You can also read on humidifiers that are compatible with essential oils.

Tea Tree

A popular oil that has been extracted from the tea tree shrubs of Australia also referred to as Melaleuca, tea tree oil is considered one of the best oils to use in a humidifier. This one has air-purifying properties, with antibacterial and antifungal components that are known for combatting bad bacteria that goes into the air. It has a fresh scent that can also help with congestion and cough.


A popular essential oil that has been in use for decades now, lavender essential oil has that calming property, thus making it great for use whenever you are feeling stressed and anxious. It also helps you sleep better, thus a great option for those of you who are suffering from insomnia.


This one is also a famous essential oil that can be used for humidifiers. Lemongrass essential oil is popular to candle makers and soap manufacturers; thanks to its fragrant scent that can easily cheer anyone up, and brighten any room. That citrusy aroma helps repel mosquitoes and all sorts of pesky insects as well.


If you feel like you have lost your energy for the day and you are dying to put your humidifier into good use, one thing to consider is buying peppermint essential oil to put in it. This oil has long been used in treating ailments such as headaches and nausea, and is a popular treatment for those with flu and cold symptoms. It has menthol that will keep the room fragrant, making it smell clean and fresh all the time.


A delicious herb with a fragrant aroma, marjoram essential oil is among the most popular choices when it comes to bringing a nice scent to any room. This has that mild fragrance that sets it apart from oregano and makes it popular for people who are looking for essential oils to treat anxiety.

Using Essential Oils for Humidifiers

As mentioned awhile back, you can use essential oils for your humidifier, provided that you look for one with diffusing properties. If in case you have one that does not have a diffuser capability, you can still use essential oils, but not on a daily basis. It is important to clean the humidifier after every use to remove any traces of oil on the tank. That way, you will be able to enjoy the appliance for a long time.