Without warning, it can happen. Those terrible toothaches. And of course, they seldom happen when convenient (if there is such a thing). You’ll be on vacation in a far-off region, in the middle of a big presentation, half-way through the marathon – you name it. Whether it’s a dull, nagging, maddening ache or a sharp, stabbing pain, a toothache can definitely ruin your day. So, what now?

Knowing full well that the best remedy for a toothache is a dentist, there are a number of remedies out there that come in handy in emergencies. Some are OTC, man-made products, while others are all natural. In this day and age of wanting to get away from harmful chemicals and “go green”, many would choose the latter. Below are the best pure, 100% natural essential oils for toothaches.

Peppermint Essential Oils For Toothaches

A super effective toothache remedy in the form of essential oils is peppermint. It is so ideal for this purpose that more and more people are using it every day for its relieving qualities and its refreshing smell and taste.  These oils have anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties, making them perfect for this purpose.

Clove Essential Oils For Toothaches

Clove contains astonishingly effective antioxidant properties. As a toothache remedy, it has been used for centuries. These essential oils can additionally help curb the growth of bacteria in the mouth with their antibacterial characteristics. They also naturally disinfect. What’s best of all, at least for toothaches, is the numbing effect (due to their analgesic powers) that these essential oils can have on that pesky toothache pain and discomfort. Clove should help reduce inflammation as well.

How To Use These Essential Oils For Toothaches

Some may choose to add a few drops of their essential oil to warm water and swish the mixture around in their mouth. This can be particularly effective if swelling is present. For a more direct and focused approach, however, there is another method.

Dab a little peppermint or clove essential oil on your (clean) fingertip or onto a fresh cotton swab. Now place your finger or the cotton swab over the painful tooth or area. If you wish to dilute your essential oil, many prefer to use coconut oil for this purpose. What’s most important is that you always use 100% pure and natural essential oils.

Need To Mix Up A Batch?

If you’d like to have a bottle of essential oils toothache remedy handy in your medicine cabinet, bedside table, work desk, etc., here is an easy, much celebrated, 100% natural recipe. In a bottle or jar add the following ingredients:

  • 8 drops clove essential oil or peppermint essential oil
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • Mix well before applying to cotton swab

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