Sometimes the stress of life is a lot to handle. When that happens, it’s important to find a few minutes to relax. Whether it’s reading a book, taking a quick nap, or watching tv, that’s a great start.

But when you’re searching for something to erase the fatigue and tension overwhelming you, not only in your body, but in your mind and spirit as well, you need a real solution. And that’s a massage therapy session with essential oils.

Why Essential Oils?

Whether you’re getting a massage, or want to massage others, do it well by understanding some important tactics. First, there are several areas of the body to focus on. While most people prefer their backs massaged, feet have reflexology pressure points that relate to the health of internal organs which can be just as relaxing as a back rub. Hands and scalps are massaged for relaxation purposes also.

Always use carrier oils blended with your essential oils. This will help the oils absorb into the skin without burning or being too strong. Never apply the concentrated oils directly. Using the appropriate blended essential oils offer a wonderful effect to your well-being and overall physical and emotional health. Just add a few drops to your carrier oil and get started.

Which Oils Are Best?

Due to their inherent soothing and relaxing properties, some of the best essential oils for massage are:


Also known as the Oil of Angels, Angelica Essential Oil is ideal for relaxing and soothing your muscles and nerves. Because of these qualities, it is said to promote happiness and, for those with insomnia, helps with a peaceful sleep. Perfect for relieving pain and stress, the soothing effects of Angelica Essential Oil is also used as an expectorant and digestive tonic.


Geranium Essential Oil has both uplifting and relaxing effects. The flowery scent adds to the effect, making it perfect for a massage. The oil is also good for skin, and is used to promote better circulation, revitalize the tissues, and improve the nervous system. There are a variety of geranium formulas ideal for relieving stressed muscles.


Coriander Essential Oil is derived from the cilantro plant. It is warm and sweet, offering a soothing and relaxing atmosphere perfect for a massage. Coriander Essential Oil also helps to create a healthy circulatory and digestive system and promotes a healthier pancreas. If you have digestive issues, consider trying Coriander Essential Oil.


With its fresh, sweet aroma offering a soothing ambiance, Lavender Essential Oil is one of the most popular and versatile oils used today. Lavender is a huge help when wanting to reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and promote sleep. It also boosts energy levels and stamina.


Honoki Essential Oil is made from the Japanese Cypress tree and has a lemony and spicy aroma. This essential oil comes from wood that is considered one of the Sacred Trees of Kiso and was used to build sacred temples and castles. Honoki Oil energizes yet relaxes the body when applied to the skin, relieving periods of agitation, and calming nerves.

Looking for the perfect essential oils for your massage practice or to use at home? Choosing a few of these oils will give you an amazing blend to sooth and relax your body, taking away the stresses of life.

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