Essential oils make an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day, especially when you choose the right ones. There are some which are reputed to be aphrodisiac’s, and will enhance or stimulate feelings of romance. Below is a list of our top picks for Valentine’s Day essential oils!

Neroli Essential Oil

Neroli is ideal for anyone who enjoys oranges and their scent. It has a floral note that many find to be intoxicating, and in some cultures it has been used for centuries at weddings. During the Victorian era brides would wear a Neroli sprig within head dresses or carry it in a bouquet.  It was said to bring extra excitement to a married couple’s first wedding night.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

While sandalwood is mostly known for its role in meditation and relaxation, it is also considered an aphrodisiac, and when applied correctly can spice up your love life. There are numerous types of sandalwood oil available on the market, with the most common being Santalum album. However, Royal Hawaii is a wonderful variant which has a note than is a bit less deep than its classical counterpart.

Rose Essential Oil

Rose is one of the most well-known romantic essential oils. It has been used for millennia by the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks, and for good reason. It is prized for its ability to create desire in those who use it and was popular with famous women such as Josephine Bonaparte and Cleopatra. This oil is base note, which means that to maximize its effectiveness; it should be taken in smaller quantities. It also works well when combined with frankincense and sweet orange.

Do Essential Oils Really Work As Aphrodisiacs?

Absolutely, and the science behind them is easy to understand. The key to these oils is their aroma. When they are inhaled through the nose, the scent will trigger a response within the brain, usually by stimulating its limbic region. This is the part of the brain where emotions and mood are influenced. When the aroma of these oils is combined with a soothing massage or warm bath with carrier oils, it will alter your mood in a manner that will make you and your partner more romantically inclined. These oils can also be used to make perfume, lotions and many other cosmetics.

Precautions To Remember When Using These Essential Oils

Many essential oils are potent, so much so that they cannot be used directly without first diluting them. It is best to use a dilution of two percent or below; this is optimal for most groups. These oils should not be used with women who are pregnant or nursing, nor should they be used by the elderly or with anyone that has certain medical conditions, unless a doctor has confirmed it is okay to do so. Essential oils can be complex for those who are new to them so if you have any questions it is best to speak with an aroma therapist who is certified.