While some people associate essential oils with women, there are a number of specific benefits that men will gain from using them. Essential oils are an excellent, natural alternative to many prescription medications, providing key health benefits for men without all the negative side effects.

Forget Energy Drinks; Use Essential Oils

Many men are quick to go to their local convenience store or supermarket to grab an energy drink so they can gain an energy boost during the day. But these beverages often contain too much sugar and caffeine and have become the subject of controversy and research regarding possible adverse health effects. Essential oils, on the other hand, will give you an increase in energy naturally. Simply get a diffuser and mix together some Orange, Balsam Fir or Peppermint to give you the needed burst of energy to get your work done.

Essential Oils Bring Inner Peace And Well Being

Men tend to be under heavy amounts of stress these days, as they are expected to provide, protect and produce. Managing all these responsibilities on a daily basis however can take its toll, which is why many men resort to drinking and other unproductive activities. But there is an alternative, and these are essential oils. For instance, a few drops of Lime can be used to boost your mood and create a relaxing aroma, while Eucalyptus oil can be used to inspire while giving you a burst of confidence.

Essential Oils Are The Best Alternative To OTC and Prescription Meds

Although essential oils today have a reputation as being feminine, they have characteristics and benefits which apply to both genders. The majority of these oils is extracted from the leaves, stems and or buds of numerous species of plants, and prior to the advent of modern medicine, was the standard method of treatment during ancient times. Many of the scribes and physicians who wrote about and used these oils during antiquity were men.

Most essential oils have antibacterial and antifungal attributes. Some varieties, such as Bergamot, are known for boosting blood circulation, which is important for the body. These oils can alleviate depression, stress or anxiety in a manner that is much safer than antidepressants with serotonin re-uptake inhibitors. Some essential oils are believed to act as an aphrodisiac and many, like Lemon or Orange, can be added to food or beverages to give them a distinctive flavor.

Some essential oils are anticonvulsants and pain relievers. Others will help you fall asleep, while eliminating infection in the kidneys, colon or urinary tract. While almost every synthetic sedative produced by man in lab has unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous side effects (like Barbiturates or Benzodiazepines), essential oils provide the same exact benefits while being far safer and more cost effective. Furthermore, essential oils can be stored and used during emergencies when hospitals or doctors aren’t readily available.

Rather than being considered the dominion of females, understanding the various types of essential oils and how to use them for health problems should be considered very masculine. It was a survival skill that our forefathers understood and passed down to us.