We all love summer. The weather is warmer, and generally people are happier and kinder towards each other. So, what summer essential oils should you have on your list and why? Let’s have a look at a few commonly used oils.

Keep Your Mood Even

Summer is great but sometimes we might need a bit of help keeping our mood even. We get all hot and bothered, we fail to drink properly and that impacts not only on our physical bodies, but our mental wellbeing as well. Grapefruit essential oil is just a perfect oil to help keep a mood equilibrium. Once your mind is balanced and ready for action, you can get back to the serious business of relaxing and enjoying yourself. Grapefruit essential oil also helps with your metabolism, helping to reduce fat and water retention.

Balance Those Hormones!

The menopause is no fun and particularly in summer, it is even less fun than usual. Fortunately, grapefruit essential oil can help with that. Not only will this excellent oil help reduce inflammation from the sun, but it will also help to balance out your hormones and uplift your mood. Although it won’t remove those hot flashes in an instant but used regularly it will help regulate your hormones again, giving you less frequent and intense hot flashes. It’s got to be worth a try!

Natural Antihistamine

If you are looking for a natural antihistamine to help combat the effects of insect bites or pollen, then German Chamomile essential oil can really help. This oil is perfect for helping to fight allergies and its anti-inflammatory properties are perfect when applied topically to a bite. This oil should not be used during pregnancy.

Let’s Cool Down

Peppermint essential oil can help you when you overheat. Applied directly to the back of your neck will not only help you cool down quickly, but it will also lift your mood and act as an insect repellent too!

A Quick Pick-Me Up

For a quick fragrant tonic that will help uplift your mood and remind you of summer all year round here is a recipe of a great mix of essential oils to add to your diffuser:

  • 3 drops lemongrass essential oil
  • 2 drops orange essential oil
  • 1 drop peppermint essential oil

Repel Those Insects

Of course, sunshine not only brings out the humans, it also brings out all the insects with their bites, stings and generally annoying presence. By creating a mix for a diffuser or a spray that you can use around the home you can at least keep these to a minimum. There is more than one essential oil that will do the trick, but one of the most common is equal parts of lavender and citronella essential oil. Add a few drops of these to plenty of water and you are set for a night of bug-free company.

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