Are you wondering what is Candelilla Wax and what can you use it for? Or perhaps you have heard about it but not about the benefits behind it. This article will enlighten you on the benefits and various uses of Candelilla Wax. Read on to find out more about Candelilla Wax.

What is Candelilla Wax?

Candelilla wax is extracted from the leaves of the candelilla bush. It might feel hard and has little flakes on it. It comes with a subtle pleasant smell and grows in the southern regions of the United States and the northern part of Mexico.

Benefits of Candelilla Wax

Candelilla Wax is widely used in a variety of ways in the cosmetics industry. It is a great component for salves and balms and acts as a natural thickener. You might be surprised to realize that some of your preferred brands and products that you use every day, make use of Candelilla Wax.

Have you ever noticed how rapidly skin absorbs face cream or lotion that you apply to your body? Candelilla wax is helpful because it speeds up skin absorption and adds a layer of protection to the skin.

Moreover, It acts as a protective wax that helps various cosmetic products, including lip gloss, to shine and gloss. Additionally, it creates a barrier on the skin’s surface to assist to repel moisture. It acts as an effective thickening agent which is frequently utilized in goods with thicker compositions. What this means is that this emulsifying ingredient present in Candelilla Wax aids in the smooth uniform binding of water and oil contents, a requirement for goods like moisturizers and more.

Since Candelilla Wax comes from a plant-based substance, it is vegan-friendly too. As beeswax is said to be an animal byproduct, Candelilla is a favorite wax among vegans. Therefore, it is cruelty-free and protects the skin from damaging environmental stresses in a natural way. Additionally, People who are allergic to pollen, bees, or honey could candelilla wax since it is hypoallergenic while beeswax is not.

Candelilla Wax can be found on your daily products such as:

  • Hand, foot, or face creams
  • Sunscreens, lotions, and lubricants
  • Balms, ointments, and salve
  • Pomades
  • Lipsticks, balms, glosses, and mascara
  • Skincare products
  • Haircare products

Uses of Candelilla Wax

Candelilla should only be used in formulations at a level of 1-25%. A high melting point of 68–73°C (154.4–163.4°F) characterizes candelilla wax. The wax has to be melted before being added to your formulations.

While insoluble in water, candelilla wax is very soluble in oils and alcohol. Melt the candelilla wax first, then add it to the recipe of your choice to add it to product formulations. Do remember to include it in the oil phases of formulae that require emulsification when adding it. The best Candelilla Wax should be offered in a glass jar that is reusable and has a steel lid that can be screwed on or off. It should also be fully natural and have two filters.