Blending essential oils is a practice that has existed for centuries, but recently it has experienced a resurgence. An essential oil is a plant extract that is heavily concentrated. They are frequently used in aromatherapy and have been found to produce a number of physical and mental benefits.

How Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils are usually extracted via steam, through a process called distillation. When you blend essential oils it is important to know the chemo type, plant origin, extraction method and botanical name. Some essential oils are taken from plant seeds while others are extracted from plant leaves. Essential oils can be used for the treatment of numerous health problems and can also promote good hygiene. They reduce inflammation, pain and headaches while strengthening the immune system and eradicating viruses, fungus and bacteria.

Most Popular Essential Oils

Some people are turned off to essential oils due to the enormous variety and complexity available on the market. The best way to avoid being overwhelmed is to start small and keep it simple. Start with popular essential oils that are easy to find and affordable and then once you’re comfortable with them you can transition into rarer and more costly ones. Some of the best essential oils for beginners are tea tree oil, peppermint, sweet orange, eucalyptus and lavender. Neither peppermint nor eucalyptus should be applied to the faces of babies or young children.

Tea tree oil is often used with lotion and other substances to fight acne and skin problems. When combined with shampoo it can be very effective in the elimination of dandruff. Peppermint is a pain reliever, and will soothe headaches, joint pains and infection. Sweet orange is a relaxant, the perfect way to calm the nerves. It can also increase your focus and can be even be used for household cleaning. Eucalyptus is highly effective against colds, arthritis, and will boost the immune system. Lavender oil is commonly found in lotion and bath oils and this is because it can soothe the skin and treat minor burns, while also bringing about relaxation and well-being.

How To Blend Essential Oils

Some blends of essential oils are referred to as synergies. These substances are formulated with great care through the mixture of oils that have chemical structures and therapeutic attributes which are similar. The result is a dynamic blend which is highly effective. One of the most popular blends is GermFighter.

When blending essential oils, it is important to use the right carrier. Some essentials oils must be diluted before use and will burn the skin if they are not. Diffusers are highly effective and work well. You will need to familiarize yourself with the many essential oils that are available and their properties. Once you are equipped with this knowledge you will be able to use it to create your own blends. Essential oils have a shelf life of about twenty four months so they should not be used for long term storage.