Incense scents are powerful aromas that can influence your mood. They can help you to de-stress and provide a general sense of well-being. When you’re looking to relax after a hard or stressful day, here are some of the best scents you can consider:


Jasmine is derived from a little white flower which is known to bring joy to those that use it. It has been found to calm the mind while assisting in the reduction of depression. While Jasmine promotes relaxation, it also makes one alert, which is beneficial as it prevents one from becoming complacent.


This is a small flower which is similar to a daisy. It is a popular ingredient within herbal tea and the incense is known to produce feelings of warmth and comfort.


This is a common scent within Buddhist temples. It is used to produce relaxation in worshippers but is also a wonderful scent to produce in your home. Sandalwood is best known for promoting feelings of serenity. It can be purchased in various forms which mean you can burn different types of sandalwood to produce unique aromas and effects.


When pine incense is used it will make your home feel as if it’s an evergreen forest. It will lower your stress while eliminating anxiety and depression. While many people associate pine with winter and Christmas trees, you should use it all year round. Its positive effects are timeless.


This is a type of citrus, and citrus aromas are best known for promoting energy, concentration and alertness. However, it also lowers stress and anxiety. This combination makes it irresistible for many as it brings about feelings of rejuvenation. There are few scents that when inhaled will boost your self-esteem, but that is exactly what you’ll get with lemongrass. It is considered by many to be a miracle substance and as such is used for meditation when one wants to balance their emotions.


Those looking to reduce stress won’t go wrong with lavender. This is a soft purple flower which is known for its beauty as well as the relaxation that it provides to both the mind and body. Upon inhaling its scent you will be able to sleep better, for extensive periods of time, and as such it has been considered a natural treatment for insomnia. Lavender is quite potent and as a result only a single stick should be burnt at one time.

Each year, people spend billions of dollars purchasing prescription drugs in order to reduce stress, depression or anxiety. Virtually all of these drugs have adverse side effects and are potentially habits forming. In contrast, incense is completely natural and far more affordable. They are derived from plants and will naturally promote calm and relaxation, without the side effects experienced with synthetic products made by pharmaceutical firms. Whether you need a boost in energy, a good night’s rest or relaxation after a tough day, these scents provide a solution which is all natural.