Variety Pack Exotic Incense Sticks 5 Bundles

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  • 185 Grams Each Bundle. Approximately 85 to 100 Sticks
  • Each Stick 10.5 Inches Long Of High Quality Ingredients Incense Sticks
  • Includes: Dragons Blood, Nag Champa, Opium, Jasmine, Frankincense & Myrrh ★ 1 Bundle of Each Scent ★ 5 Bundles Total

Dragon's Blood smells sweet and soft, sort of amber-like but more natural and less sticky and sweet smelling than common amber. It is very rich and does an excellent job setting a calming mood to the area you decide to use it at.

Nag Champa has woody notes similar to patchouli, with touches of musk, amber, and vanilla.

Our Opium incense sticks have a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance.The scent possesses a blend of vanilla, ginger, pepper, and cedar. 

Our Jasmine incense sticks has a wonderful smell, fairly similar to the actual jasmine flower. 

The scent of Frankincense is typically described as piney and lemony mixed with a sweet, woody aroma. Myrrh has a slightly earthy scent that some describe the scent similar to black licorice.

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